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Our Promise to you

At Byrnes Capital we promise to give you a fair deal on your home as-is. We promise to get your offer quickly and close on your schedule.

We make sure there are zero fees and closing costs so you know you are getting the best deal out there. 

When should you sell your house for cash?

There are some times when a traditional home sale does not work and in those times, we are here for you.

Your house is in need of repairs

Unexpected bills or financial issues

Life events such as retirement or a job change

What’s the difference between a traditional home sale?

Check out the many benefits of selling your home for cash.

Sell to Byrnes Capital

No Commissions or Hidden Fees

Fast, guaranteed offer

No repair costs

1 Showing (to us)

No closing costs

Quick closing (average 7-14 days)

Traditional home sale

6% average in fees

Typical home sale can take months

Repairs covered by you

Up to 20 or more showings

6% on average paid in commission

Closing can take months

We buy houses in MA, CT, RI & NH!

At Byrnes Capital, we work with you to buy your home for cash. We buy houses across Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island & New Hampshire quickly and without hidden fees and closing costs.

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